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Hi! I'm so glad you're here.

I'm Amy. I'm a single mom to three beautiful babies in Scranton, PA. I have my bachelors degree in neuropsychology from Penn State. I love taking care of others - it's just my personality. But, I LOVE taking care of myself first.

 Even from a young age, I had always felt that I never fit in. I felt like the outcast of the in-crowd; I was a floater. I didn't carry many friendships, if any at all, with me into adulthood.

At age 12, I remember having a complete breakdown on my moms bed because I didn't know who I was - I'm sure as many of us have experienced at some point in pre-teen to teenage years. Most people ended up finding themselves, but I never did. I dove myself into people pleasing and giving up my own boundaries to meet everyone else's needs so I can feel loved and accepted. I had no idea what self care was. I had no idea what holding space meant. I had always felt that I had to fill in the awkward silences (those are goldmines, btw).

I started feeling burnt out and resentful to the people in my life. Three months into my marriage, I found myself in therapy so I can figure out how to change my then husband to see me and meet my needs. I soon found out that the only person I could change was myself. I decided that I had to change something so I can feel whole again. I started on my journey learning about my codependent patterns and took the initiative to start healing. This began my journey into healing generational trauma patterns and trauma that affected me in my younger years to become the best and highest version of myself.

I embarked on the greatest journey I could have ever gone on. My marriage eventually ended, and my life blew up in my face because I started putting myself first, but I DON'T REGRET A SINGLE THING ABOUT LOVING MYSELF. There have been a lot of highs and twice as many lows, but that is ALL growth. 

 I have a passion for sharing my story and I want to walk your journey with you in finding your authentic self. I can't wait to meet you!